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Peekly iOS Lockscreen

Peekly is a 2 page lockscreen theme for iOS. On the first page, you get the time and date. Currently you can choose between the default clock, a digital clock or no clock/date at all. More clocks coming soon! Dragging your lockscreen to the right will allow you to "Peek" at a 3 month calendar. This is the default peek. You can currently choose to put in a Twitter feed, your Google Calendar events or an RSS feed. More options will be added soon. Swiping the lockscreen to the left will bring you to page 2, which has today's weather. "Peeking" to the left on this page will show you a 4 day forecast.


Download and unzip the theme. SSH into your phone, and copy 'peekly.theme' into /Library/Themes/. Enable with Winterboard. The initial release of Peekly is an open beta of sorts, as I want to make sure everything is working as intended and it looks good across devices. It will be on a repo soon...

To change the clock, weather and "peek" settings, open 'settings.js' from the peekly theme and follow the instructions. You will have to respring your phone for the changes to take effect.

To change the wallpapers, navigate to the images folder in the Peekly theme and replace bg.jpg and bg2.jpg with your own.


You might want to install '20 second lockscreen' from Cydia to stop the display from going to sleep so quickly.

If you have any questions/comments, leave them below.


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